It takes 20 years to build a reputation – and 5 minutes to ruin it.

petmockThis quote by American business magnate Warren Buffett has been used a bunch of times to emphasize just how fragile reputation is. And you know what? It’s truer than ever, too – thanks to online customer reviews, which have become increasingly essential to business reputation.

We’re living in the world where a one-star decrease in your listing page rating can mean significant revenue loss for a business – and a one-star rating improvement can do wonders. Below are some of the reasons that controlling your listing page can improve your business reputation.

  • It Plants Your Flags

    Claiming your listing page on Petellect gives you some level of control over what’s being said about you. It also lets you publish important information about your business across the Web.

  • Control The Conversation

    By claiming ownership of your page, you can more easily listen and respond to your most vocal customers.

  • It helps build buzz

    Got some news to share? A new product to launch? Build buzz around your brand or business by sharing updates on your listing, networks, and review site profiles.

  • Attract Customers

     Petellect lets you post exclusive offers, discounts, and coupons. It’s a great way to drive sales and generate positive reviews.

  • Improve your visibility

    You may already have a website, and Facebook but consumers these days search for businesses using multiple digital channels. Not only will claiming your listings improve your search engine performance; it will also help you be found more easily by potential customers who are using social media to find great businesses.

  • Drive direct sales

    With our Vendor Partner Program we enable your  customers to make a purchase direct from your page. You have an online store to promote and sell your products for a fraction of the cost of similar services. They also add extra contact points via reviews and favorites through which you can generate leads and sales.

  • Build Trust

    People are increasingly relying on reviews and ratings to guide their purchase decisions. By claiming your Petellect listings and reviews, you can manage consumer-generate content more effectively – and, in the process, build the kind of consumer trust that inspires loyalty.

  • Capture A Mobile Audience

    Mobile has taken over. If your customers can’t see details about your business on their mobile devices you are already a step behind. Petellect was coded with this in mind. We are fully responsive which enables users to discover great local businesses using their mobile devices.

Needless to say, online review management (and monitoring) is more critical than ever in order to effectively manage your business’ reputation. For more facts and figures, check out the awesome infographic below, courtesy of Reputation Advocate:

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