Dave’s Soda & Pet City has voluntarily recalled around 300 bags of its signature formula dog food that is sold at all seven of its stores, according to company owner Dave Ratner.

Bags of “Dave’s Simply The Best Dry Dog Food” with best-used by dates of Dec. 15 and 16, 2016 were recalled Tuesday after two customers complained of the “God-awful smell” they gave off, Ratner said.

“You know if the bag was affected, because you open it up and it smells like kerosene,” he added.

The cause of the smell was determined to be bad rice bran in the formula, which has since been discarded at the food’s manufacturing facility. But the chow is safe to eat — just smelly, Ratner said.

Southern Tier Pet Nutrition, co-packer of the product, released a statement Tuesday on the recall.

“No outdated materials were used, however it was noted on a subsequent production run of another product that the rice bran being used had an off odor,” the statement reads.

Ratner said purchasers of the affected food are encouraged to exchange their bags or seek a refund.

Dave’s Soda & Pet City was founded in 1975 and has stores in Agawam, Northampton, Hadley, Springfield, Ware, Ludlow and Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

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